2022 Heirloom Daffodils/ Narcissus Share

2022 Heirloom Daffodils/ Narcissus Share

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The first flowers of our season!! Heirloom Narcissus / Daffodils.

After many months of gray winter days, seeing the cheery creamy white and yellow blooms of narcissus are always a welcome sign of spring. Narcissus blooms are for many gardeners the first visible signs of spring.  Narcissus shares will contain (20 stems) once weekly x 2 weeks. This subscription will start once the Daffodils are blooming.

Heirloom Daffodils are heritage varieties that have been treasured and passed down from one generation to the next for many years.  Glorious gold, lemon-yellow, snowy white, and peach blooms are often accented with contrasting trumpets or centers and vary in height from four inches to 14 inches. The world of Daffodils offers an irresistible fragrance. Their perfumes range from delicate to sweet and spicy depending on the variety.

Did you know there are 40 different species of Narcissus—and thousands of varieties. Get ready to dive into the world of beauty beyond the bright yellow trumpet bells that pack the aisles of the garden centers. A few of our favorite varieties included are:

‘Petit Four’: beauty and elegance: white petals and ruffly apricot-hued center cups

Replete’: The super ruffled flowers of a blend of cream, peachy pink, and soft orange.

‘White Lion’: Very full, creamy white blooms of impressive size have soft yellow petals at the center for a frothy effect. Wonderfully fragrant 

Daffodils will be a mix of specialty varieties. A mixture of short and long stems but still super cute and unique that you will fall in love with them. Each bundle contains a mix of 20 stems. Once you smell a specialty Daffodil, you'll not have another spring without them!

Flowers will come tightly closed and will begin to open as soon as you tuck them in a vase.

Vase life of 5-7 days. (**Narcissus secretes a sap—visible when you cut the stems—that can be poisonous to other flowers and irritating to your skin. Wait at least 24 hours before putting cut flowers into a vase with other varieties and DO NOT recut. But for best results, keep daffodils segregated in their own vase.) 

Farm Pick Up:  Farm pick up is THURSDAYS  between 8am-6pm. Exact dates TBA.  We cannot be responsible for reminding you to pick up. If bouquets are not picked up within 24 hours, they will be sold or given away. 

Fine Print: Please note that we are a small operation and greatly appreciate your efforts to minimize and streamline individual email communication (we’re usually just a 2-3 person operation, trying to do it all as gracefully as possible). All purchases are final and non-refundable. We cannot customize delivery schedules for subscriptions.  We appreciate you being a friend of the farm. - Kristy & Jeremiah

* Flower Shares are a form of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Consumers support a local farm and what it produces, by buying a share of the harvest early in the season. The farmer uses the advance funds as working capital for seed, supplies, repairs, and labor.

In return for the early-season support, the farmer prepares a share of the harvest (in this case: a bouquet of flowers) for members each week through the growing season. We add extra value to our Flower Shares and reserve unique blooms and specialty flowers for our Flower Share members.