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A mix of our favorite Tulips for you!

Tulips are one of the most favorite cut flowers on the market.  So sought after in the spring after a dreary winter... we typically plant 5,000 bulbs in the fall and then pray that the winter and spring rains don’t drown our bulbs.

Tulips come in incredible diverse colors, shapes, and forms. Some have fringed petals, others have pointed ones, and some are so ruffled and full that they’re commonly mistaken for peonies.

Tulips have a naturally long vase life, and many varieties can last up to a week and a half. Adding flower preservative also extends vase life.  Farm fresh-picked tulip stems continue to elongate for a few days, so if you’re making a bouquet or arrangement, be sure to tuck the flowers deeper than seems necessary, with this in mind.

A few varieties we grow:

Black Hero: This unique, fully double black variety is a sport of Queen of the Night. Its tall, strong stems and dark coloring make it an awesome addition to large scale, dramatic arrangements.

Double Peony Tulip Angelique: It is one of our most popular double tulips. These spectacular blooms are also known as peony tulips due to their large number of petals. When fully open, some blooms reach an impressive 4" across.

Tulip Peony Party: ‘Copper Image' and 'Amazing Grace'. They are 'brother and sister' varieties and that means everything is the same to them except the color. These varieties are famous for their delightful fragrance. There's nothing like closing your eyes and breathing in the sweet scent of Spring!

Renegade: Renegade is a dark red Triumph tulip cultivar.

Pride Mix: A vibrant mix of pink, red, purple, apricot and orange Pride Tulips.

Daydream: One of my favorites.. a captivating beauty with sunny yellow blossoms aging to luminous, apricot orange as they mature. ... As an added bonus, this tulip is fragrant!

Vase life: 5- 7 days

5 stems per bunch

*Delivery available, $30 minimum purchase