About Us

Flower Farmer & Florist. A domestic cut flower farm as well as floral designer and florist focusing two key flowers: Peonies and Dahlias.

We are the owners of Wheels 2 Fields Flower Farm, Kristy & Jeremiah (and our three kids). In 2018, our family decided to share our passion for nature and gardening with others. Like many other families, our family has had our fair share of stressful times. In 2006, Jeremiah was paralyzed (now you know where the name WHEELS comes from), and in 2013, our twins spent five months in the hospital after being born at 24 weeks. Needing a respite, Kristy often retreated to her garden. Now understanding what a vital role nature has played in our lives, we decided to turn our passion into a business and share all of nature's beauty and healing properties with you.

Wheels 2 Fields Flower Farm

Wheels 2 Fields Cut Flower Farm is a domestic cut flower farm as well as floral designer and florist committed to using domestic and locally-grown flowers and foliage.  Our bouquets are known for being SAFE + SCENTED + LOCAL. 

SAFE: This isn’t common knowledge. We didn’t know this before we started farming. Kristy was shocked to hear some of the details. Did you know that 70%+ of the flowers for purchase are not domestic (not grown in the United States). They are grown in factories overseas and sprayed with chemicals. Some of the chemicals are so bad the women working with the flowers were forced to take birth control because the chemicals can cause birth defects.  Even if grown organically the United States requires they be sprayed when entering the Country. Don’t you want to put that on your table? Smell those roses!  We care about our family, our farm workers and YOU. We operate with organic practices for the safety of everyone that touches our flowers and the precious Earth they grown in. Support domestic flower farms, know their growing practices and buy SAFE flowers.

SCENTED: How many times do you smell something and it brings you back to a childhood memory? Have you smelled farm fresh flowers lately? Farm fresh, chemical free flowers?? Most flowers available for purchase have recently been bread for toughness in shipping and unfortunately loss of fragrance. We have almost 20 varieties of garden roses and each has its own unique fragrance. They aren’t the perfect factory grown roses... in my opinion they are better. Our scented flowers are also typically paired with fresh herbs such as basil, rosemary, and mint. So, go ahead smell your farm fresh flowers!!!

LOCAL: Know where your flowers come from. That is the first step. The next time you buy flowers (or walk by a flower shop) ask where they were grown. You’ll be surprised. By purchasing Local Missouri Grown Flowers you are supporting your community and supporting a local family and local farm staff. You are reducing carbon emissions by A LOT. You are eliminating the plastic used to wrap and ship those flowers. You are supporting our local bees and pollinators. You are buying the freshest flowers possible. As a community, we all say thank you for buying Missouri Grown Flowers.

Whether you are having a stressful day, looking for a thoughtful gift, cooking with local ingredients, or wanting to spend some time amongst nature-inspired settings, Wheels 2 Fields welcomes you to visit us and enjoy nature and its healing properties. We are excited to provide you with safe, scented, local flowers, natural products, farm-fresh herbs, and nurturing places to visit and connect with nature.

Farm Hours: Contact Us Anytime.  Deliveries are available Monday - Friday.  Closed on Sunday. 

Flower Fields (not open to the public)