The Farm, The Community & The Why


Nestled in the hills of the Gateway to the Ozarks adjacent to the Meramec River valley in Eureka, Missouri our flower farm makes the most of the dewy mornings, the rich soil and beautiful views.  Our farm operates organically, providing safe, scented, local fresh cut flowers and foliage.  The farm is located at our private home and is closed to the public. An appointment is necessary. We are hopeful to have public access in the near future. 

  • SAFE:  We use no pesticides, in-organic fertilizers or floral foam.  We use beneficial insects, chicken manure and compost to help our soil thrive, which in turn helps our flowers thrive.  This also provides a safe environment (that actually betters our environment) for our family, workers of the farm and the people enjoying our beautiful bouquets.  Go ahead.. put those flowers on your kitchen table or give those flowers to an ailing friend. 
  • SCENTED: Go ahead smell our flowers. They are chemical free and smell amazing. Did you know that smells have a stronger link to memory and emotion than any of the other senses.  Unlike typical roses, our garden roses haven't been bred to withstand shipping across the continent. Many of our flowers are heirloom varieties that grew in your grandparents garden.  Please note if the flowers are being enjoyed by someone undergoing chemotherapy - please contact us. We'll make sure they get a mild smelling beautiful bunch as their senses can be heightened. 
  • LOCAL: Seasonal flowers and foliage grown in Missouri guarantee you the freshest blooms.  Often our flowers are cut less than 24 hours before they arrive at your home or office.  They aren't world travelers nor have they been sprayed with chemicals at customs.  They are hand cut and tucked in our flower cooler until they are delivered to you. 


To simply put it, there is a better solution. A solution that treats people and our planet like we would want to be treated.  After finding out that more than 75 percent of the flowers purchased in the U.S. mass-produced flowers often come from outside the US and are grown using harsh chemicals and pesticides, consuming tons of water and other resources, while being grown and shipped around the world.  Flowers sitting in plastic for days on trucks and planes before they ever hit store shelves are not exactly what I would want to use to brighten someone's day. 

Instead, I want to grow the farm with our family and for our community all while teaching our children how to better the environment, overcome challenges, run a successful business and make someone's day... everyday.