Are you a Peony Enthusiast?

It's our joy and privilege to share the beauty of STL Grown Peonies with you, cultivated right in your own backyard.  Our little Eureka farm is gearing up to share a splendid array of peony varieties this spring, both familiar and new. Among the classics, we'll be reveling in the beauty of PEONY 'BUTTER BOWL', PEONY 'BO-PEEP', PEONY 'BREAK O' DAY', and PEONY 'CORAL CHARM'. But that's not all – we're also introducing some exciting newcomers to our collection, including PEONY 'SHIRLEY TEMPLE', PEONY 'SARAH BERNHARDT', and the highly sought-after PEONY 'LORELEI'.

Additionally, we've been fortunate enough to secure ONE rare gem – the PEONY 'PASTELEGANCE' – although it won't grace us with its presence until fall (and bloom in spring 2025).

Treat yourself to 3 weeks of peony bliss! Peonies are the queen of late spring, making a brief but unforgettable appearance.  Click HERE to secure these spring blooms for yourself. 



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