• “Build-A-Bouquet” Mother’s Day Workshop

    Make plans to swing by OUR NEW FARM PICK UP LOCATION on Saturday May 8th, 10 AM - 2PM for a MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND BUILD YOUR OWN BOUQUET EVENT.
  • Sarah and Josh's Late Summer Wedding

    Wheels 2 Fields was honored to create the flowers for Sarah and Josh's late summer wedding last year. While a la carte wedding arrangements are o...
  • Life in the SLOWish Lane

    Enjoy life in the Slowish Lane... Like so many families our family leads a very busy life. About two years ago I made a conscious choice...
  • Gifts from the Heart Every Other Week.

    This Valentine's Day think a little bit outside of that standard box of chocolates.  Gift a gift from the heart that brings joy every other week t...
  • Meet the Wheels 2 Fields Flower Farm Family

    Meet the Wheels 2 Fields Flower Farm Family