Life in the SLOWish Lane

Enjoy life in the Slowish Lane...

Like so many families our family leads a very busy life. About two years ago I made a conscious choice to reduce the activities we were involved in and TRY to slow down a bit. We intentionally spend time with and in nature.  The kids have started nature collections, we grow some of our own vegetables, (This has been great at encouraging our picky kids to try new things.) and we incorporate items from the garden in our baths and crafts.  In essence, we just intentionally take a breath,   pay attention to where our food comes from and make sure nature is a part of our lives.  I have noticed such a positive change in all of us. 

According to Wikipedia Slow Flowers is "Similar to the Slow Food movement — aimed at preserving local, sustainable food and traditional cooking — Slow Flowers encourages consumers to support their local economy and consciously purchase cut flowers grown locally, seasonally and ethically in the United States, instead of purchasing flowers imported from other countries or flowers grown using chemicals and pesticides."  The philosophy behind slow flowers is part of the wider slow movement. The Slow Flowers Community was founded by author and writer Debra Prinzing in 2014 after she authored a book titled Slow Flowers, in which the term "slow flowers movement" was coined, and the movement has since spread internationally.

We will always be the crazy farm with busy lives but I challenge you to slow down a bit and enjoy nature.   The next time you are at a red light or my favorite... stuck on Central Ave behind a train, take a breath!  Know where your food comes from, enjoy that local bouquet, take a bath, and if you are looking for a new book check out "Slow Flowers"


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