Meet the Wheels 2 Fields Flower Farm Family

Wheels 2 Fields Flower Farm Family 

We are the owners of Wheels 2 Fields Flower Farm, Kristy & Jeremiah (and our three kids). In 2018, our family decided to share our passion for nature and gardening with others.  Like many other families, our family has had our fair share of stressful times. In 2006, Jeremiah was paralyzed (now you know where the name WHEELS comes from), and in 2013, our twins spent five months in the hospital after being born at 24 weeks. Needing a respite, Kristy often retreated to her garden. Now understanding what a vital role nature has played in our lives, we decided to turn our passion into a business and share all of nature's beauty and healing properties with you.

Whether you are having a stressful day, looking for a thoughtful gift, cooking with local ingredients, or wanting to spend some time amongst nature-inspired settings, Wheels 2 Fields welcomes you to visit us and enjoy nature and its healing properties. We are excited to provide you with safe, scented, local flowers, natural products, farm-fresh herbs, and nurturing places to visit and connect with nature.


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  • Love what you are doing… beautiful website, can’t wait to stop by for flowers…
    💐vicki @ flowerhillfarm


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